Junior High: 7th and 8th grade
Our Junior High curriculum is comprehensive and challenging, focusing in preparing students to attend and excel at the best high schools in the Chicago area.   Our faculty acknowledges the physical and intellectual changes students are experiencing and work to encourage, empower and challenge them during these critical years.   

Our students are exposed to new fields of study and programming, all consistent with the rigorous academic standards set by the Archdiocese of Chicago and aligned with the Illinois State & National Standards.  Time management, stragegic planning skills and interest in extracurricular activities are emphasized.

Our core curriculum is taught using a range of dynamic, innovative tactics that engage our students.  Increasingly complex novels are read and discussed.  Creative writing and refinement of public speaking and presentation-giving skills are main focuses.  Math concentration includes geometry, statistics and algebra.  Our science curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Standards and explores biology, chemistry and physics.   Both math and science are taught through experiential, inquiry-based applications based on real-world issues and practical application.   Social studies include world geography, preparation for the Constitution test, research papers and learning about major wars.  Middle School students take pride in being active in Mass as altar servers, lectors and Eucharistic ministers.   In 7th grade, students prepare for and receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

Weekly classes in physical education, computer science, music, library and art round out their core curriculum.

As students enter and move through middle school, academics are balanced by an array of opportunities to participate in athletics, science fair, band, choir, student government, yearbook, enrichment programs and safety patrol.   Students are developing their interests, learning new talents and beginning to feel confident in their independence. 

Our students are well prepared for high school and college, and they are routinely accepted into highly sought-after public and private high schools schools in the Chicago area.

Program Information
The school day is from 7:50 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Students in grades 3-8 participate in ASPIRE testing. The ASPIRE test and its data provide feedback for teachers to assess the overall curriculum and the progress of each student.