St. Viator Athletic Association Mission Statement

St. Viator Athletic Association’s goal is to provide St. Viator students with the opportunity to enhance their educational experience through our organized athletic programs. For more than four decades, our Association has been intent on using our athletic programs to build community among athletes, alumni, coaches and other volunteers and spectators.

We believe in building character by encouraging good sportsmanship, motivation, acceptance, commitment, discipline and teamwork.

We believe in promoting healthy physical activity and encouraging students to have fun while participating. This can provide a foundation for a lifelong commitment to physical fitness.

We believe parent involvement and parental support is a critical component of the St. Viator Athletic program.  We expect that parents be good role models for our student athletes.  

The St. Viator Athletic Association oversees all extra curricular after school athletic activities that take place in the gymnasium.  These activities include:        

  • Introduction to Sports Program for children in Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4
  • Itty Bitty Basketball League for girls and boys in Pre-K 4 and KDG. 2015 Schedule here.
  • Bitty Basketball League for girls and boys in 1st-3rd grades. 2015 Schedule here.
  • Co-ed Cross country Team started in the fall of 2016
  • Intramural basketball for 3rd-8th grade girls and boys
  • Intramural cheerleading for 3rd-8th grade girls and boys
  • Intramural volleyball for 3rd-8th grade girls and boys
  • Traveling basketball for 4th-8th grade girls and boys
  • Traveling volleyball for 5th-8th grade girls and boys

Additionally, the SVAA oversees the distribution of gym uniforms.


St. Viator Athletic Association Officers:

Gary Galati, President
Lisa Jones, Vice President
Janeen Cloutier, Secretary
Carmen Malizia, Treasurer
Brian Downes, Sergeant in Arms
Mark Yoest, Primary Gym Coordinator
Kelli PfeifferBoys & Girls Intramural Coordinator