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Thank You Gala Sponsors!

The St. Viator Elementary School Blue and Gold Gala spring fundraiser was last Saturday. Parents, faculty, staff, and alumni enjoyed music, food, and beverages while scoping out “Classroom Treasure” projects and themed baskets offered in the silent auction! This annual event is our largest fundraising effort of the year.

It was a great night thanks to the hard work of the gala co-chairs and the support of our St. Viator community! A large part of that success owes to the outside sponsorships that were collected.

Some of the sponsoring companies are directly connected to the school, others are members of our surrounding community. Each sponsor gave as they could, donating monetary support, products, and experiences. All of the contributions help shape the Blue and Gold Gala celebration, and get us to our fundraising goal. We appreciate all of the support from these companies and plan to highlight as many of them as we can over the next couple of weeks.

St. Viator Elementary School would like to thank:

You may may know some of these companies, or at least recognize their names. Help us to show our gratitude even more by supporting these companies as you can.

Do you want to see your name on the next list of St. Viator sponsors? If you are a business-owning member of our extended community and would like to lend your support to St. Viator, please contact us. Or if your employer is interested in joining our fundraising efforts, please contact us. Call the Main Office at (773) 545-2173 for details on our fundraising events and how you can share your generosity, just like all of our 2023 Blue and Gold Gala sponsors!

Thank you sponsors!

We are Peace Builders; We are Eagles; We are St. Viator!


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