Intermediate: 4th through 6th grade
In the Intermediate Grades, children are eager learners, and our engaged faculty members recognize the unique needs and abilities of individual students and they help them to gain a widening base of knowledge.   Our academically rich and creative environment prepares students to think and act critically, creatively and collaboratively. 

In 4th , 5th and 6th grade, our students begin to change classrooms for specialized subject areas.    Beginning in 4th grade, and continuing on through Junior High, students enjoy hands-on, inquiry-based interactive learning in our dedicated Science Lab. Social Studies become more rigorous as U.S. History is introduced.  In Math, the focus is on analytical thinking, problem solving and data analysis.  We teach these concepts in a variety of ways including hands-on activities, technology integration and peer tutoring.  Regular homework assignments establish organizational skills and discipline.   

Students use the Executive Function organizational skill-building curriculum, first introduced in the Primary Grades, which helps tremendously in grades 4-6 as students must be independent in planning, organizing, prioritizing and time management. 

Students continue to utilize our World Language Lab and have gained considerable expertise in their language of choice, or begin to branch out and learn another one of 24 languages available through our Rosetta Stone language-learning program.  Weekly classes in physical education, computer science, music, library and art round out their core curriculum. 

Extracurricular activities become an important part of our student’s lives as they continue to discover their identity and interests.  Students may begin participating in Student Council and Band Lessons in 4th grade.  In addition to in-school activities, students can choose to participate in many of our athletic and enrichment programs including volleyball, basketball, Girls on the Run & Girls on Track, intramurals, chess, yoga, tennis, cooking and many others.

Program Information
The school day is from 7:50 a.m – 3:00 p.m.
Students in grades 3-8 participate in ASPIRE testing. The ASPIRE test and its data provide feedback for teachers to assess the overall curriculum and the progress of each student.