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Middle School (6-8th Grades)

The St. Viator Middle School curriculum is comprehensive and challenging. We focus on preparing middle school students to attend and succeed at the best high schools in the Chicago area. Students experience physical and intellectual changes during these years. Our faculty acknowledges these changes, encouraging, empowering and challenging our students to work through them.

Rigorous Curriculum


Middle School students are exposed to new fields of study and programming. All St. Viator curriculums are consistent with the rigorous academic standards set by the Archdiocese of Chicago and aligned with the Illinois State & National Standards. Classwork emphasizes time management, strategic planning skills and participation in extracurricular activities.


The faculty employs a range of dynamic, innovative tactics to teach students the core curriculum.  Students read and discuss increasingly complex novels Classes focus on creative writing, public speaking, and presentation-giving skills. Math concentration includes geometry, statistics and algebra. Our science curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Standards and explores biology, chemistry, and physics. Both math and science are taught through experiential, inquiry-based exercises utilizing real-world issues and practical application. Social studies include world geography, history of major wars, research papers, and preparation for the Constitution test.  Weekly classes in physical education, computer science, music, library, and art round out students’ core curriculum.

Foreign Language Learning 

Students entering 6th grade must choose one of these five languages offered in high school: Spanish, French, Latin, Italian, or Mandarin. They are required to stay with this language for all three years of middle school. Our goal is to establish an academically rigorous 3-year language program for grades 6-8 in preparation for high school. 


In 6th grade, students can qualify for the St. Viator Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. The National Junior Honor Society is a nationally recognized, educational organization that promotes the recognition of middle school students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character. Honor society members are those individuals who use personal talents and skills for the improvement of both self and society.

Faith Education 


At St. Viator School, the Middle School years also change how our students practice their faith. Middle School students take on more active roles in the celebration of Mass. They proudly serve as altar servers, lectors and Eucharistic ministers. In 7th grade, students prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation which they receive in 8th grade.


Extracurricular Activities


During the Middle School years,  academics are balanced by an array of opportunities to participate in athletics, science fair, band, choir, student government, yearbook, enrichment programs, and safety patrol. Students develop their interests, learn new talents and begin to feel confident in their independence.


St. Viator School prepares our students for their high school and college years. St. Viator graduates are routinely accepted into prominent public and private high schools in the Chicago area.


Program Information


  • The school day is from 7:50 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

  • Beginning in Kindergarten, students participate in iReady Math & Reading diagnostic testing. St. Viator Faculty and Staff utilize the iReady diagnostic and the data collected provide feedback for teachers to assess the grade curriculums and the progress of each student.


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