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St. Viator Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

At St. Viator School,  we balance developmental growth with academic achievement throughout our Primary Grades.   The Archdiocese of Chicago developed our core curriculum in alignment with the Illinois State & National Standards. Classroom instruction addresses the whole child – mind, body, and spirit while providing the basis for abstract, higher-level thinking.   We watch our students become confident learners and role models for others as they grow their sense of personal accomplishment and their self-assurance.

STEAM Curriculum

Math and Science occupy a prominent place in Primary School instruction as hands-on activities, inquiry-based units, technology-integration, and cooperative learning are employed. Primary Grad students are eligible to participate in a STEAM Night each Fall. This is an evening filled with activities highlighting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Our  Primary Grade students work with specialists in physical education, computer, music, and library classes (referred to as “specials”). We teach fine arts through our unique Art Zone program. The PeaceBuilders program provides students with conflict resolution tactics and anti-bullying techniques. We believe that technology enhances the learning experience and blend it into our traditional classroom structure.


Foreign Language Learning


St. Viator School values world language learning at all levels. We insure each language program adheres to state and national standards. Those in grades 1-3 have the choice of studying Spanish with our Spanish teacher or begin utilizing our World Language Lab to learn a different language.. We utilize the Rosetta Stone language learning program to offer students a choice of 22 languages.

Reading Program


The Superkids® reading program is introduced in Kindergarten and continues through 2nd grade. Superkids is based on phonics and aligns with the Common Core State Standards. The program integrates reading, writing, spelling, and grammar. The challenging Junior Great Books (JGB) program is introduced to our accelerated readers in Kindergarten and continues through the 8th grade. Taught by our Reading Specialist, JGB gives children an opportunity to read advanced literature and discuss in-depth themes in a group setting.


Faith Education


Children are introduced to Catholic Mass in preschool, and begin to attend and participate in mass more regularly in Kindergarten. Students in all grade levels participate in daily classroom prayer, grade-specific prayer services that take place in school, and all-school masses and prayer services held inside the Church. Students are introduced to the traditions of our Catholic faith such as Advent, Lent, the Stations of the Cross and the Liturgical Seasons. Students prepare for and receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion in 2nd grade.

Program Information
  • Primary Grade instruction is five days (M-T-W-Th-F) a week

  • The school day is from 7:50am – 3:00pm 

  • Students begin wearing a school uniform in Kindergarten

  • Beginning in 3rd grade, students participate in ASPIRE testing. St. Viator Faculty and Staff utilize the ASPIRE test and the data collected to assess the grade curriculums and the progress of each student.

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