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Art Zone

Art Zone is a Fine Art program created in September 1997 by parents of St. Viator Elementary School students. The program provides our students with a Fine Arts education by focusing on a hands-on experience. The Art Zone program enriches the educational experience at St. Viator school.

Volunteers and Instruction

Each month the Art Zone project focuses on a particular artist, style or technique from the world of art. Students learn about the culture, history, art techniques and tools used for the highlighted project. Music is played from that time period for additional context. All students, from Pre-school through Eighth grade, complete a project inspired by that month’s topic.


The Art Zone Committee chooses the monthly artists and prepares material describing the artist and their work. They always include relevant historical information to provide social and cultural context for the artist. The information is sent home so students and parents can talk about, and prepare for, the Art Zone day. The committee also creates a step-by-step video to train the parent volunteers on that month’s artist and the project. Parent volunteers then teach and facilitate the art project.

Early Child is an Artist


Art Zone projects expose the children to a variety of artistic styles, tools, and techniques they may not experience outside of school. Projects vary each month, and can span both two and three dimensional assignments. In choosing various artistic mediums, the Art Zone committee empowers each student to succeed. The motivating idea is that every child is an artist.

Art Show

An All-School Art Show is held in the Spring of each school year. This show highlights three pieces of work that the students choose and title from the projects they completed. Volunteers mount and hang the pieces, transforming the school halls into an amazing art gallery. Like any art show, there is a reception for all attendees to enjoy.


The Art Zone program benefits St. Viator in many ways. Each child experiences an immediate sense of accomplishment after finishing their project, which builds their self-esteem. One of the less visible but significant benefits is that the Art Zone program builds important partnerships between our parent, student, and faculty communities. Art Zone enriches the educational experience at St. Viator in a myriad of ways.

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