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Friday Faculty Feature

Introducing Ms. Amy Jensen, the Fourth Grade Teacher at St. Viator Elementary School! This is her first year teaching at St. Viator, but there is more to her story. Read on to learn about Ms. Jensen!

Ms. Jensen graduated from Lewis University 3 years ago and started teaching. As mentioned, she joined the St. Viator faculty this year. She enjoys connecting with her students and seeing them grow in the classroom. Ms. Jensen is proud when she sees educational and social growth in her students. Ms. Jensen appreciates the amazing St. Viator community, explaining, “parents have been great this year - donating needed supplies to the classroom and volunteering with classroom activities.” She wants parents to know that she is very understanding and always wants to work as a team to help the students succeed.

We always like knowing about our teachers’ professional backgrounds, but the personal details are more interesting! In good fun, Ms. Jensen shared some of her favorites with us. Specifically, her favorite color is purple. Her favorite food - chocolate. When it comes to holidays, her favorite is Christmas. And Ms. Jensen’s favorite way to start the day is with a latte. Toni Morrison is her favorite author who penned her favorite book, Beloved.

Ms. Jensen was born on March 4th, so she recently celebrated her birthday. She currently has two cats, Pumpkin and Maxie. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Jensen teaches yoga, and so she is quite flexible. She also enjoys reading, and plans to volunteer at a local animal rescue soon. In fact, if she wasn’t a teacher, Ms. Jensen would probably be a veterinarian (or a nurse). The furthest she has traveled from Chicago is Spain. When we asked about who she considers her hero, she shared it is her grandfather. She cites his work ethic, positivity, and generosity as the reasons.

Thank you, Ms. Jensen, for giving us some insight into your background and interests. We wish you the best as the school year progresses. Ms. Jensen is one of our many wonderful faculty members, and we will continue sharing them with you. Be sure you check back to learn about our amazing teachers!

If you would like to learn more about St. Viator Elementary School, please contact our Main Office at (773) 545-2173. Our staff can answer your school-related questions, and schedule you for a school tour. We are currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year!

We are Peace Builders; We are Eagles; We are St. Viator!


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