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It's Showtime!

The St. Viator Elementary School community gathered Sunday, May 7, for the second annual presentation of “It’s Showtime.” Organized by St. Viator Mom Hilliary Vaccarello, this musical revue is an opportunity for St. Viator students to explore the performing arts.

Students chose to perform in the show or to crew the production. Performances included musical numbers, soloists (singing and piano!), and dance routines. Students from all the grades, even as young as our 3 year old students, participated in the show! Parent volunteers directed each performance.

Crew members built the backdrops for each segment. In between performances they swooped in to reset the props and set the stage. The crew was also directed by parent volunteers.

110 St. Viator Elementary School students participated in the production! The directors and their assistants worked over 7 weeks to craft the show and rehearse with the students.

Thanks to our parent directors Ellen Brace, Megan Beseth, Sarah Neault, Abby O’Connor, and Gail Gogliotti. Thank you to their assistants Luz Agudelo, Jen Kurz, Erin Sciortino, Megan Quilter-Vizenor, Margaret O’Donnell, Jacqueline Mancias, Katie Mensch. Thank you to Kathleen Barnes for her creative design, and to Sully Cardona and Becky Mocarski for their time and support as parent volunteers. We also thank our Music Teacher, Eli Taber, and St. Viator Dad, Jesus Garcia, for their musical accompaniment. Our thanks also go out to the many unnamed parent volunteers who helped watch the children, assisted with logistics, lent a hand for set-up and generally supported the show. We especially thank Hilliary Vaccarello for her creative vision and leadership to put on “It’s Showtime”!

Students had their chance to see their classmates’ talent at an encore performance today.

“It’s Showtime” started with a parent’s interest, and developed into another great opportunity for our students. Like our Art Zone program, parents with similar interests came together, sharing their time and talent for the students’ benefit. The end result taught students the workings of a performing arts production. We are so grateful for all of the creative, generous parents in our St. Viator Elementary School community!

We are Peace Builders; We are Eagles; We are St. Viator!


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