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Podcast Club

The St. Viator Podcast Club was started by parent William Teeple and Curriculum Director Paul Bangiola (“Mr. B”). The idea was inspired by St. Viator teacher Don Slawik’s morning history report, entitled “Today in History”.

Mr. Slawik teachers students to research a particular date, then use the information to write a news report about that date. Students then record their reports so that they can be played as the daily morning announcements. Mr. B and Mr. Teeple got to talking about the value of this project and how the St. Viator Community would want to hear from our students. Their idea grew as they connected Today in History to the current podcasting trend.

Students meet weekly to discuss the topics for each “episode”. Initially, they recorded pieces on their i-pads, then sent the files to Mr. B for editing. The club recently secured a three-person recording unit to produce better soundbites. With Mr. Slawik’s help, the club collected two unused computers and re-purposed them for recording and editing. Overall, the goal is to have the members brainstorm ideas, develop a piece, then produce it from recording to editing. As a group, the students will work out the final arrangement for the episode.

Mr. B and Mr. Teeple started the group conversation by asking the students to explain why they wanted to join the podcast club. Student answers varied, but there were definite trends of learning, being with friends, and having fun.

Click here to listen to the first project: Eagle Squawk Episode 1.

St. Viator Elementary School utilizes after school Enrichment Clubs to achieve our goal of developing a student’s mind, body, and spirit. Podcast Club is just one offering for St. Viator students. Other Enrichment Clubs include Young Rembrandts Art Club and Coding/Programming Clubs. In the past, St. Viator offered Chess Club, Cooking Club, and even Robotics Club! Contact the Front Office if you are looking to enroll your student in an afterschool Enrichment Club, or if you know of organizations that can help us expand our offerings. Also contact the Front Office if you would like to help with the Podcast Club!

Be sure to check back as we post the future episodes of Eagle Squawk!

We are Peace Builders; We are Eagles; We are St. Viator!


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