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St. Patrick's Day Celebrations!

St. Viator Elementary School Students celebrated St. Patrick's Day in a variety of ways!

St. Viator Elementary School Students students started their St. Patrick's Day celebration on Friday. They enjoyed an Irish dance performance, visits from leprechauns, and discussed St. Patrick in class.

Trinity Academy of Irish Dance!

St. Viator Elementary School has long enjoyed performances by the Trinity Academy of Irish Dance, and many of our students have participated in their program. Once again this year, the Trinity Dancers started their day with a performance at our Rec Center. Four of our students danced with the Trinity Irish Dancers: Molly R. (8th), Rosie R. & Lucy B. (6th) and our newest dancer Millie O'C. (K). Even a previous student joined the group to perform!

Thank you Trinity Academy of Irish Dance! We appreciate you sharing your talent with us. Your show was amazing, and kicked off a great day!

Leprechaun Mischief!

After the performance, students returned to school full of excitement. They showed their spirit with all of the green they wore!

Many students were surprised to find their classrooms in disarray! There were leprechaun shenanigans about as they found classroom toys dumped on the floor, supplies pulled out, even teachers' desks were tossed!

We just know the helpful students lent their teachers a hand cleaning up the messes! The younger students will have to check their Leprechaun Traps on Monday to see if any of the rascals were caught! Thank you to all of the leprechauns who brought some mischief to the day!

Connecting to St. Patrick!

Part of the celebrations included projects connecting the students to St. Patrick and his ministry. We might not be able to prove that St. Patrick used the 3-leafed shamrock to teach about the Holy Trinity, but the image sure helps our students connect to the concept! We found these pictures displayed outside of our 4th Grade classroom!

On behalf of St. Viator Elementary School, we wish you a Safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope your celebrations were as full of tradition, mischief, laughter, and community as ours!

"I am certain in my heart that all that I am, I have received from God." - St. Patrick

If you are a prospective parent and wish to know more about St. Viator Elementary School, please contact our Main Office at (773) 545-2173. Watch for announcements on the dates and details of our next Open House events - we will host two in April!

We are Peace Builders; We are Eagles; We are St. Viator!


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