Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today is officially Teacher Appreciation Day! And while we appreciate our teachers every day, today we make it a point to say "Thank you" to the St. Viator Elementary School Educators!

St. Viator Elementary School re-opened for in-person learning in August 2020. Many people cooperate to keep us open, and today we focus on our teachers. Our in-person teachers have helped to establish a safe and loving learning environment here at St. Viator Elementary School. Our remote teachers have created a warm and nurturing community for families that have elected to have their children learn away from the building.

Throughout this year, our St. Viator Elementary School teachers have worked with parents and staff to provide a measure of normalcy for our children. Day after day, they are the ones accompanying the students, navigating the restrictions and requirements. Inside the school walls, they are "making it happen" so St. Viator Elementary School students can focus on learning in classroom settings, in-person or remote, where they feel safe.