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The Next Teacher Highlight!

We are continuing with our teacher introductions by highlighting Mrs. Fotine Bloom, the in-person Sixth Grade Teacher here at St. Viator Elementary School. Mrs. Bloom actually joined the school last March, just two weeks before the Covid-19 closure.

Mrs. Bloom completed her undergraduate study at Loyola University Chicago - go Ramblers! She has taught for ten years, and when reflecting on her time as a teacher, she shared, “My favorite part about teaching is the ability to share the wonderment of this world with students. Teaching allows me to create a classroom where curiosity and questioning are encouraged, and where I can inspire students to work and dream. It's the best "job" ever!” When asked specifically about St. Viator Elementary School, Mrs. Bloom stated, “What I like about teaching at St. Viator is that it is more than just a school. It's a community, it's friendships, it's athletics, and most of all - it's a place where God is forefront.”

Mrs. Bloom also answered the more personal questions, so that everyone can get to know her better. Her favorite color is green, which coincides well with her favorite holiday, Easter (of course, in the Spring). Her favorite type of food is Greek food, and she enjoys a cool glass of water to start her day. Mrs. Bloom’s Birthday is June 13. For her favorite book, Mrs. Bloom said, “I usually answer, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, however, it may be any of the many books I share with the students in my classroom.” She listed Kristin Hannah as her current favorite author, but clarified that there have been others before that, namely, Maeve Binchy, Ken Follet, and Stuart Woods.

When asked what profession she would choose if she was not teaching, Mrs. Bloom said she might be a Landscape Architect. In speaking about any hidden talents, Mrs. Bloom offered, “[None] that I can think of... but, I would love to learn how to juggle.” Anyone who attended Winterfest 2019 can tell you that she has a knack for decorating, especially when it comes to creatively repurposing stuff. Mrs. Bloom can make something great out of a pile of random supplies. When asked about hobbies, Mrs. Bloom explained, “I don't think I am serious enough about just one thing to call it a hobby, however, I do enjoy quite a few things: pulling weeds and planting flowers, reading and writing, sudoku and crosswords, painting and sketching, swimming and golf, and most of all, time in our home with friends and family.

About her family she explained, “I am married to Eric and we have four children, of which Michael and Luke (twins) are alumni of St. Viator Elementary School.” They are now freshmen in high school. Along with her sons, Mrs. Bloom has her beloved dog, Sammy, at home. A second dog, Charlie, recently moved to Lakeview with their daughter. Her oldest son lives in New York City. Family is clearly important to Mrs. Bloom as she identifies her mother and father as her heroes.

When asked about her class, Mrs. Bloom stated, “I think one of the most helpful things a parent can do for me is to keep communication open. As a teacher I love to know what excites a student, what confuses them, where their interests are, and anything else that is relevant to their growth and education. We asked her for one thing she wished that the parents of her students knew. Mrs. Bloom answered, “I hope they already know this - how much I care for their child.”

There was a time when Mrs. Bloom was not a teacher, in fact working many years as a Flight Attendant. In her travels she visited countries as far away as Australia and India, and many places in between. Now, her travels have brought her to St. Viator Elementary School, and we are so pleased to have her in the Sixth Grade. Join us in welcoming Mrs. Bloom!

If you are interested in learning more about St. Viator Elementary School, please visit our website at We will continue highlighting our newest teachers and posting that on the website, so keep checking in to read more about our staff. St. Viator Elementary School is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Please contact us at 773-545-2173 or email for more information, to request an application, or to schedule a private tour.


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