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The Spirit of the Season!

Halloween enthusiasm is growing at St. Viator Elementary School! Friday we will have a dance for our 5th through 8th grade students, and Saturday will be an all-school Trunk-or-Treat and party! Students will enjoy an out-of-uniform day next week on Halloween Tuesday. Everyone is getting in the Halloween spirit, but one teacher has stood out this season!

Mr. Pingo, our full-time Physical Education Teacher, monitors our parking lot entrance each morning. The vest and sign are his standard gear, but he's been donning costumes to embellish the uniform. The funny thing is that Mr. Pingo does not joke around at the entrance. He takes student (and parent) safety very seriously. The sidewalk crosses this entrance, so Pingo's presence is important to everyone that walks from the Old Irving Park neighborhood.

You can count on Mr. Pingo standing at the north entrance. He is quick with a greeting and a smile. And he towers over most of the community, so he's hard to miss. Not a day goes by where you wonder, "Where's Pingo?"

Another part of what makes this so funny (besides the obvious commitment to the costumes) is that Mr. Pingo is a bit reserved and even-tempered, making this demonstration unexpected. Many families have arrived at the school yard with big smiles thanks to Mr. Pingo. The kids are loving it! And us parents, too! Pretend you can hear the Guns N' Roses playing on the boom box and join us to say, "You Rock Mr. Pingo!"

We are counting on three more days with three more costumes. The general consensus says he will bring the strongest costume on Tuesday, actual Halloween. Not really sure about this one, thought it was Bruno before I saw the beard. Anyway, we DO talk about Pingo!

Happy Halloween from all of us at St. Viator Elementary School! May you embrace the fun of the day like our own Mr. Pingo! We hope you enjoy many fun activities and have a safe Halloween!

We are Peace Builder's; We are Eagles; We are St. Viator!


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