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Meet Ms. Rapp!

Today we introduce Ms. Hannah Rapp, our new Third Grade teacher. Ms. Rapp covers our second in-person Third Grade classroom, created as the student body surpassed our classroom capacity. This is Ms. Rapp’s first year with St. Viator Elementary School, and her first year teaching. She joined us after graduating from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. When we asked Ms. Rapp for her favorite “thing” about teaching, she shared, “The students bring so much energy everyday! Something new and magical comes out of every day I spend with the students.” That sounds like a good experience so far!

When asked specifically about teaching at St. Viator Elementary School, Ms. Rapp told us, “The community surrounding the school is strong and loving. The students know each other so well and they form such a strong bond that it creates a familial setting in the classroom. I love that the students love and care for each other so deeply that the whole room fills with love and respect and kindness.” Sounds like Room 212 is having an excellent year!

Read on to learn more about Ms. Rapp:

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite food?


What is your favorite holiday?

Earth Day

When is your birthday?

September 20

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am a good baker: cakes, cookies, soufflé, bread

What is your favorite drink to get your morning started?


Do you have any hobbies?

Baking, reading, talking

What is something you wish the parents of your students knew?

I love learning with your children. They teach me things everyday. I love growing my passion for learning, reading, and math with them!

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

I graduated college and got my license in the midst of the pandemic!

What is your favorite book?

Little Women

Who is your favorite author?

Jacqueline Woodson

What is the farthest place you’ve been (in the world) from Chicago?

Madrid, Spain

If you weren’t a teacher, what profession would you choose?

A baker

Who is your hero?

My hero is my mom. Without her, I would be nothing, and no where close to the person that I am today.

A Mother from Room 212 shared with me that the students organized themselves at Christmas time to create their gift to Ms. Rapp. The kids acted without their parents’ assistance, deciding on her gifts, delegating the necessary tasks, and working out their schedule to deliver their creations. Even at that point in the year, they cared for Ms. Rapp so much that they didn’t need to wait for their parents to suggest or buy gifts. Clearly, the person that she is today is a wonderful teacher from whom the children enjoy learning, as well as a great addition to our staff. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little more about our newest Third Grade Teacher, Ms. Hannah Rapp.

If you are interested in learning more about St. Viator Elementary School, please visit our website at We will continue highlighting our newest teachers and posting that on the website, so keep checking in to read more about our staff. St. Viator Elementary School is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Please contact us at 773-545-2173 or email for more information, to request an application, or to schedule a private tour.


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