Meet our Music Teacher - Mr. Pollock!

We continue our teacher introductions with Mr. Ryan Pollock, the Music Teacher at St. Viator Elementary School. This is Mr. Pollock’s first year at St. Viator Elementary School, even though he is already a private guitar and bass teacher. In his words, “[T]his is my first year teaching in a school setting. I’m happy to spend it at St. Viator!”

Working in accordance with COVID-19 Restrictions, Mr. Pollock sets up Music Class in an empty classroom. He then streams with each class during their Music Class time. This great combination of in-person and virtual teaching ensures St. Viator students can still enjoy Music Class!

Mr. Pollock attended a music college in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he majored in guitar studies. He told us that the school shut down unexpectedly during his second year, forcing him to take a semester off of classes. Mr. Pollock moved to Chicago in 2018 where he completed his degree in music composition at Columbia College Chicago. Mr. Pollock shared that his favorite thing about teaching is “the moment that something “clicks” for my students. There is no better feeling or payoff in teaching than when my students are able to take the information I give them and put it to use.” When asked specifically about St. Viator Elementary School, he shared that he likes the welcoming and supportive environment. Mr. Pollock told us that everyone has been so kind and helpful to him during this