St. Viator Adds a Peaceful Playground

The St. Viator Community continues to work creatively to provide a safe and interesting learning environment for our students. While supporting COVID-19 safety protocols, we are exploring different engaging innovations. The latest project was the installation of a Peaceful Playground “6’ Distancing Playground” in the north end of our parking lot.

Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer modified the Peaceful Playground idea during last spring’s Shelter in Place orders. The idea was to keep recess in the school day by utilizing existing outdoor spaces, organized to provide students with play activities at safe social distances. The resulting “6’ Distancing Playground” modifies an existing outdoor space to create active, safely distanced recess time that school staff can easily monitor. Check them out at:

The Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation writes on its website, “The mission of the Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation is to create a safe play environment, support healthy active kids, and advocate for recess and free play. We believe the benefits of free play are best accomplished by enhancing the play environment and allowing children lots of choices.”

Our Principal, Lisa Rieger connected with the vision of the Peaceful Playground Foundation: “Ensure youth of all races, income levels, and abilities have a fun, educational, safe play environment and the opportunity to be happy, healthy, active, positive, and productive.” As she noted in a recent newsletter, “Our Health & Safety team, our Pastor Fr.Pat Render, and our administrative staff all agreed that having a program that not only supported the CDC guidelines for social distancing but also mirrors our PeaceBuilders Program, will fit right in.” Recognizing the benefit to our recess and P.E. programs, she ordered the DIY playground kit. School parents were ready to take the supplies when they arrived and start installing!<