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St. Viator Feast Day

October 21st is the Feast Day of St. Viator. In previous years, the St. Viator Parish held a variety of events celebrating our patron saint and his ministry. This year is different, of course, but we still celebrated! 

Principal Rieger emphasized the Feast Day in her weekly newsletter. She wrote to school families, “Our patron saint means so much to our families and students. We identify with the traditions and experiences that we have had related to our church and school. The man named Viator set in motion a tradition of teaching and evangelization that lives on in each of you, your children, and anyone that has been blessed to participate in some way in our parish. Viator is known for being the patron saint of catechists; a teacher of sorts that spread the good news of the Gospel.

His commitment to the people of God resonates in our own St. Viator Parish today. Our pastor Fr. Pat Render and associate pastor Fr. Moises Mesh bring us the Gospel message in a special way each week during Sunday and daily Mass, retreats, funerals, weddings, quinceaneras, sacraments, and in simple conversation with us. Their messages are punctuated by their ministerial focus on social justice, equity, and education.”

Principal Rieger later toured the St. Viator Elementary School and collected these well-wishes and memories from the St. Viator student body:

Remember to say a prayer to St. Viator next year on his feast day: October 21st. We are truly blessed to witness the Viatorian spirit!

Do you have particular reflections or positive intentions related to the life and ministry of St. Viator? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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