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Friday Faculty Feature

We’re excited to share this Friday Faculty Feature with you! There are three new teachers in the St. Viator Elementary School classrooms this year that we want to introduce to you!

Ms. Victoria McGinty is currently our 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher. She has been teaching for one year, with 7 months of that time here at St. Viator. She joined us after graduating from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania - Go Lakers! She told us that she obtained her bachelor’s degree in 3 years instead of 4, and her Master’s degree in 6 months instead of 2 years. That is an awesome accomplishment - it’s understandable why she is proud to share! Ms. McGinty has enjoyed getting to know her students this year. She likes teaching at St. Viator Elementary School, and in particular, she appreciates the wonderful community of students and families.

Alright, now for some fun personal details! Ms. McGinty likes to start her day with either Bolthouse protein shakes or Kombucha. Her favorite food is sushi- especially Spicy California Maki rolls! She and her high school sweetheart, Matt, live with Nova, their 3 year old cat. While born on October 5th, her favorite holiday is Christmas. And despite that, her favorite color is Dusty Blue. Ms. McGinty’s favorite book is Flight Maps by Jennifer Price, and her favorite author is John Green. If she had to name a hero, she chooses Taylor Swift or Fine Art Photographer, Cig Harvey. And while she moved here from her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, the furthest she has traveled from Chicago is to Nevada.

Ms. McGinty lives a bit of a double life. In addition to teaching, she is a professional portrait and wedding photographer. In fact, if she weren’t a teacher, she would be a Full-Time Wedding Photographer / Wedding Coordinator. When she is not in the classroom, she likes shopping for vinyl records, then enjoys spinning the wax to relax. On a fun note, she shared two hidden talents, letting us know, “I’m really skilled at roller skating and Zumba.”

When asked about “something [she] wishes parents of her students knew”, Ms. McGinty responded, “I’m doing everything in my power to give my students the best education possible.” She stated that the most helpful thing parents can do is have patience with her, and check in with her on their student(s) progress. Right now, Ms. McGinty is focused on her classroom and hasn’t chosen an extracurricular activity to support. With her enthusiasm and friendly demeanor, we’ll find a spot for her soon enough!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Ms. McGinty better. This is just an introduction, so be sure to talk with her when you see her around the school. If you have specific questions for Ms. McGinty, please send her an email message (all teacher email addresses are listed on the school website). Thank you for telling us more about yourself, Ms. McGinty, we are grateful for you and all of our St. Viator teachers!

Be sure to check back on the school website for more St. Viator Elementary School updates. Go Eagles!

We are Peace Builders; We are Eagles; We are St. Viator!


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