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Say "Hello" to Ms. Dominguez!

In this Friday Faculty Feature, we introduce Ms. Andrea Dominguez, the current 3rd Grade teacher at St. Viator Elementary School! This is Ms. Dominguez's first year teaching at St. Viator; she joined us after graduating from National Louis University last year. Read on to learn more about Ms. Dominguez!

Ms. Dominguez commented on her time at St. Viator, stating, “This year, the parents have been amazing!” She wants all of her parents to know, “I am trying my best and approaching every angle to make sure their child learns as much as possible.” She likes that many of the St. Viator students know her, beyond the ones in her class. This connects with her favorite thing about teaching, where younger students look forward to being in her class next school year. She proudly shared that she completed her student teaching at her former elementary school with her former Second Grade teacher mentoring her. What a cool connection!

Let’s share some of Ms. Dominguez’s favorites! Her favorite color is red, which matches uo with her favorite holiday. Yep, Christmas. Strangely, it also fits with her favorite food: Chicken Parmesan (or Sushi but that doesn’t fit the red theme). Favorite book? To Selena, With Love. Favorite author? Rick Riordan. And Ms. Dominguez shared that to start the day in her favorite way, “iced caramel coffee is always needed.” Noted!

Ms. Dominguez’s Birthday is January 12. She is the oldest of 3 children, and the proud daughter of immigrant parents. Speaking of parents, Ms. Dominguez considers her Mom, a cancer survivor, as her hero. 

Ms. Dominguez admitted that her hidden talent is drawing and painting Disney characters. She prefers to spend her free time playing soccer and going to the gym. In fact, if she wasn’t a teacher, she would work as a fitness trainer, or a dietician/nutritionist. Ms. Dominguez is not currently involved with an extracurricular activity here, but wishes she could coach a soccer team at St. Viator.

Now you know more about our Third Grade Teacher, Ms. Dominguez. If you have questions about our faculty or staff, or about St. Viator Elementary School in general, please contact our Main Office at (773) 545-2173. Be sure you check back on our website as we continue highlighting our teachers. Thank you Ms. Dominguez!


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